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— Brainport Eindhoven

Setting up a business in the heart of the Brainport region. Brainport Eindhoven, an international success story.

Brainport Eindhoven is an unprecedented success. The business community, authorities and knowledge institutes make a collective effort for technical and economic growth based on open innovation. New ways of running a business, developing and producing anticipate demand in today’s world and put the region on the international map.

He most prominent top-technology region in Europe

Brainport Eindhoven focuses
on three areas

Brainport Eindhoven offers all the facilities and preconditions needed for a healthy climate to conduct business, innovate and produce.

1. An attractive business climate

People are as important as businesses. A pleasant living environment is just as important as economic growth. Brainport Eindhoven has all the facilities to commit international businesses and it also wants to offer people all the necessary facilities in the fields of culture, home and mobility, for instance.

2. Attracting talented people

Brainport Eindhoven is known for its smart people and magic hands. More people are needed, on all levels, and those who already work at Brainport Eindhoven need to be able to continue to develop and train. Attracting and holding on to talented people is successful in a region where businesses, authorities and knowledge institutes are closely connected.

3. Excelling in innovation

The speed and complexity of technological developments are increasing. New players and business models turn industries and sectors upside down in no time at all. Regional businesses and knowledge institutes must work together intensively to develop the next generations of competitive applications. The innovative and organisational strength of Brainport is geared to future success. There are plenty of opportunities in the continued development and application of key technologies, used for tomorrow’s major social challenges.

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