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Smart collaborations and innovations in the supply chain are key themes en route to a future-proof production environment.

Realising products and production processes and sharing (innovation) facilities faster and smarter. That is the aim of the Tomorrow’s Factory innovation programme. It creates a lower cost level, higher product quality and, above all, faster time-to-market in a market that demands flexibility and speed.

Field labs for innovation

Tomorrow’s Factory innovation programme

This programme is aimed at pre-competitive collaboration and the innovation & improvement of production processes, focusing on smart industry themes such as robot technologies, the digital factory, multi-material 3D printing, industrial metal printing, high-tech software, future manufacturing skills and production logistics.

In a coherent unit of innovation facilities, about 80 businesses, knowledge institutes, schools and trade associations are realising a fast-track transition to a ‘smart industry’, making the high-tech manufacturing industry in the Brainport region and beyond more competitive compared to other regions in the world.

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High Tech Software Cluster Field Lab

A consortium of more than 20 high-tech software companies in virtual prototyping & design, model-based software and data analytics & services. The cluster demonstrates how ground-breaking software contributes to hardware that is produced more efficiently, more flexibly and at a better quality.

More information about the High Tech Software Cluster.

Flexible Manufacturing Field Lab

The Dutch industry wants components and products in smaller series, often in a highly varied mix of versions.

At the Flexible Manufacturing Field Lab, businesses and knowledge institutes are developing and demonstrating flexible production automation, assembly, robotisation and digitalisation solutions for flexible and high-quality small series production, at mass production costs.

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More information about flexible manufacturing

Field Lab The Smart Connected Supplier Network

Collaboration in supplier chains is becoming increasingly important. Sharing data such as invoices, orders, logistical and technical data, etc. is crucial in that respect. However, sending, receiving and processing this data is expensive, inefficient and prone to errors. The Smart Connected Supplier Network offers a new data standard and technical infrastructure that makes sharing data in chains much more efficient.

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Multi-material 3D Field Lab

Multi-M3D is a co-creation platform working on the development and validation of innovative multi-technology and multi-material solutions. Businesses, universities and knowledge institutes are working closely together on technologies for today’s as well as tomorrow’s production environments.

AddFab – 3D metal printing

K3D-AddFab is collaborating with businesses and educational institutes to advance the 3D metal printing technology. The ambition of K3D-AddFab is to continue to develop a wide range of high-tech and high-end production applications for 3D metal printing towards industrial series production and scaling up the capacity for high-quality applications.

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FutureTec, innovative education in the ecosystem of the high-tech manufacturing industry

This is where a strong and sustainable ecosystem is being created for the high-tech manufacturing industry. Educational institutes, businesses, government bodies and suppliers are together working on innovative technology education. Here, students combine their studies with working at high-tech businesses in the sector.

More information about FutureTec.

Advanced Manufacturing Logistics (AML) Field Lab

Here, staff develop knowledge in the fields of production logistics and optimal production planning, along with stock optimisation, not only in the production department but throughout the supply chain of the high-tech small series manufacturing industry. The field lab works on the development of a state-of-the-art logistics system for shared storage and movement, smart automation and smart robotics in a collaborating supply chain.

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