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At Brainport Industries Campus, the best high-tech manufacturing industry is united under a single roof.

An innovative work landscape in the green heart of Brainport Eindhoven. Here, in the campus’ open culture, surrounded by nature, you will find a high-tech manufacturing industry that appeals to talented people and professionals. A magnet for customers, talented people and innovation. This is the future of the high-tech manufacturing industry.

A high-tech dream scenario

Developed for and by the high-tech manufacturing industry, the future is now.

If the high-tech manufacturing industry were to reinvent itself to create a perfect ecosystem for innovation, BIC would be the dream scenario. Developed for and by the chain.

Multinationals such as ASML, Philips, FEI, NXP and Océ use technical suppliers on a growing basis. These specialist businesses continue to intensify their collaboration to develop and produce complex components together.

Brainport Industries Campus is the first location where high-tech suppliers not only produce but also innovate together. Using shared knowledge and shared valuable facilities such as flexible production areas, warehouses but also offices. Together, all parties determine the image for national and international customers. The campus is the ideal place of business for technical suppliers in the high-tech manufacturing industry who want to do business, innovate and produce together.

Developed for the high-tech manufacturing industry

Part of the green brainport park

Welcome to the campus

Top-technology and high-quality facilities in one of the largest city parks of Brainport Eindhoven. The campus unites various worlds and opens doors that used to remain closed.

An innovative work landscape in the heart of Brainport Park

The public campus park introduces visitors to the high-tech manufacturing industry in an appealing way. Customers, suppliers, students and professionals turn Brainport Industries Campus into an innovative work landscape that forms a part of the green Brainport Park. The campus is directly connected to wonderful walking and cycling routes, woods and lovely gardens.

More about the location

Unique working environment

The connecting atrium

The atrium at Brainport Industries Campus acts as a showcase for high-tech production. Every cluster of buildings shares a sun-lit entrance at the atrium, which connects the various businesses and accommodates shared services and facilities. The atrium is also home to innovation programmes and educational institutes such as Fontys, Avans (higher professional education) and Summa (secondary vocational education). It is the ideal location for professionals, visitors, students and interested persons to meet up, have lunch or hold meetings. The heart of the atrium is home to the BIC theatre and conference room, host to weekly events and inspiring lectures.

The logistical zone

One floor below, you will find a logistical zone for transport, storage and transhipment of goods and products. These logistical facilities are also shared to increase flexibility and efficiency.

Prepared for a changing market

Factory of the Future

The Factory of the Future is the innovation program that has its home base on Brainport Industries Campus. Collaboration is taking place in a number of Field Labs, available to residents of the campus and to companies from outside the campus, on the future of the high-tech manufacturing industry. Responding to the changing needs of the market and the new role of the chain. Within the Factory of the Future, solutions are created for common challenges.

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Facilities at Brainport Industries Campus are shared to keep overhead costs low and flexibility high. This allows businesses to move along the continuous changing markets to the greatest possible extent.

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