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Brainport Industries Campus is the ideal location to start a high-tech business, whatever the future may hold.

Setting up a business in tomorrow’s factory

In the campus, businesses can benefit from an innovative climate and all the associated facilities.

Large and renowned businesses will get an impulse here, thanks to the wide range of facilities and the campus’ progressive approach. This is an environment that attracts both employees and visitors to work together and innovate. The campus is a showpiece for anyone who works there.

Facilities and joint ventures

Brainport Industries Campus also offers facilities which otherwise are hard to access or unaffordable. And because there is so much specialism around, there are numerous opportunities to continue to work on innovation with other tenants. This is what the campus’ entire climate is aimed at.

Create an ideal working environment

Those who set up a business at Brainport Industries Campus can create their ideal working environment. Thanks to a modular building system, freedom of choice and flexibility know no bounds here.

Business accommodation

Smart building

The smart building principle creates maximum flexibility. (Office) pavilions and/or fitted modules can be added to building units. If the production process allows for it, maximum use can be made of the height (a staggering 13 metres) by adding mezzanine floors.

Standard luxurious (office) pavilions.
An (office) pavilion consists of two layers of 19.8m x 19.8m, the layout of which can be determined by the user. The pavilion is detached from the building’s structure, which means you can install dividing walls literally everywhere.

The (office) pavilions are delivered shell-plus, with, among other things:
•          Ventilation (controlled centrally)
•          Heating and cooling via who
•          Modular ceiling fittings with LED lighting
•          Pantry with fridge, microwave, dishwasher
•          Separate toilets for men and women
•          Floor finish with floor tiles.

By agreement, the (office) pavilions can be delivered fully customised.

Functional fitted modules

Fitted modules allow for flexible installation in a building unit and they can be used for basic applications such as work areas, conference rooms and sanitary units. The prefab fitted modules are easy to build in. Minimum inconvenience and maximum flexibility.

Business accommodation

Shared facilities

For a business’ core activities, the campus offers a wide range of facilities that workers, customers and visitors can benefit from.

•      BIC entrance
•      Restaurant, canteen and café facilities
•      Various high-end conference rooms
•      Extensive sanitary facilities
•      Theatre area
•      Car park
•      Prototyping facilities

Accelerating your business at Brainport Industries Campus?

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