— Open innovation under a single roof

Sharing facilities and exchanging specialist knowledge. Sharing is the new multiplying.

By collectively making use of high-tech facilities and sharing specialist knowledge, Brainport Industries Campus is the beating heart of the new manufacturing industry.

A rich history of open innovation

Business practices, innovation and production go hand in hand here.

Thinking comprehensively. Working in ad hoc formations. Working together on the basis of trust, loyalty, motivation and passion. These are the key factors of open innovation that are deeply rooted in the Brainport region thanks to Philips, DAF and ASML. Brainport Industries Campus unites these success factors; a unique opportunity for the high-tech manufacturing industry.

Collective marketing

A platform for success stories

Brainport Industries Campus acts as a platform for collective marketing. Businesses from the high-tech industry tend to do little about marketing while they are often exceptionally successful. Brainport Industries Campus gives success cases the platform they deserve.

“The guiding idea was to unite the three components, the image, education and collective development of technologies under one big roof on a single, magnificent campus.”

Edward Voncken, KMWE

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