— Campus history

Open innovation is deeply rooted in history.

The promising future of the campus originates from the region’s innovative past. The Philishave (1939), the automatic gearbox (1953), the cassette tape (1963) and the Compact Disc (1983) were all invented in Eindhoven. As such, Brainport Eindhoven is the logical location for tomorrow’s high-tech manufacturing industry.

Campus history

Cradle of open innovation

The combination of knowledge and high-tech manufacturing industry, education and career opportunities, means that the Brainport region is the ideal place for international businesses and professionals to set up a business.

During the previous century, Eindhoven, an industrial city at the time, was put on the global map thanks to ground-breaking inventions and unprecedented successes. During the next phase, the city shaped open innovation; a unique way of collaborating, focusing on integrated ideas and operating in ad hoc formations. Open innovation is based on trust, loyalty, motivation and passion.

Participating partners share knowledge based on their competencies, allowing innovation to gain momentum. Thousands of people and hundreds of businesses work together in the fields of research, innovation and business, for instance. Brainport Industries Campus elaborates on this mentality.