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Information for visitors of Brainport Industries Campus.


Multi-modal access

Brainport Industries Campus is in an ideal location. International visitors can access the campus via Eindhoven Airport, the second airport in the Netherlands. The campus has excellent access roads. Eindhoven Airport also has direct line connections with most European cities.


The road infrastructure in the campus’ immediate area is currently undergoing extensive modifications. For an up-to-date overview of current roadworks, please consult this website.

Route description

Overview map road works .

Open 24 hours a day

Parking on the campus

The car park of Brainport Industries Campus has 1,000 parking spaces for cars and bikes. To retain the scenic image, the car park is surrounded by trees and plants. It is built in accordance with a sustainable and circular process and has parking spaces for the disabled. Parking spaces can be found near the main stairwell on the west side.

Charging electric cars

The car park will soon have charging points for electric cars. Payments can be made with your car’s charging card. Charging points will also be available for electric bikes, mopeds and scooters from the summer of 2020. Payments can be made with a bank card.

Ticket holders

Users can enter and leave the car park on the basis of number plate registration or by presenting their BIC smart card.


Visitors can pay by means of a bank card (Maestro + V Pay) by presenting the card to the terminal upon entry. Payment is made by presenting the card again when leaving. Discount tickets for full or half-day parking are also available. To obtain one, please contact the guest organisation. Please note that cash payments are not accepted.


€ 1.20 per 60 minutes
€ 8.00 per day (1st and 2nd day)
€ 50.00 per day (from the 3rd day)


Brainport Industries Campus has shared logistical facilities and a central loading and unloading dock. This is located at the rear of the building, just follow the signs.

General terms and conditions


If you experience problems entering or leaving the car park or when paying, please contact our control room via the information button on the terminal or by calling +31 (0) 85 07 77 677.

Terms and conditions

During his presence in the car park, the user must act in line with the provisions of the Dutch Road Traffic Act, the further rules stipulated under this act, the Dutch Road Traffic and Traffic Signals Regulations and associated appendices, as well as the further rules stipulated under those regulations. If the user fails to comply, he will be liable for the ensuing damage.


1.1 The car park is not being monitored. Therefore, Brainport Industries Campus does not accept any liability for the theft or loss of belongings and possessions. Neither does Brainport Industries Campus accept any liability for any kind of property damage or physical injury and/or any other kind of damage directly or indirectly caused by or as a result of using the car park, unless the damage is caused directly by or through the owner and/or staff of the car park.

1.2 The user of the car park is liable for any damage he causes. Damage to the car park or associated equipment and systems caused by the user must be compensated straight away or the user must compensate the damage after the owner has conducted a loss assessment.

1.3 Brainport Industries Campus does not accept any liability for shortcomings caused by using the car park or other services offered in the car park by or on behalf of Brainport Industries Campus, unless the user can prove that it concerns gross negligence on the part of Brainport Industries Campus and/or the staff of the car park.