— High-tech manufacturing industry

Developed for and by the high-tech manufacturing industry. To anticipate market demand faster and more flexibly.

The digital transformation of Industry 4.0 offers opportunities for the high-tech manufacturing industry. Production processes become faster and more efficient and also, they operate more autonomously.

Thanks to Brainport Industries Campus, the supply chain can seize an opportunity, both in terms of productivity and turnaround times. Improved stock management, tighter schedules and more efficient use of energy and materials also create more reliability and additional competitive gains.

Smart packaging & storage

At Brainport Industries Campus, chain partners are united under a single roof, using the same cleanrooms and warehouse facilities. Semi-finished products no longer need to be (repeatedly) packed for transport within the chain. Apart from time, it also considerably cuts down on packaging waste and kilometres. This way, we remove waste from the chain while the time-to-market is reduced.

Smart logistics

At Brainport Industries Campus, we are testing a fully self-driving logistical system.  Automatically guided vehicles and robots allow various processes and goods flows to intermingle without hampering each other, 24/7. Fewer actions are needed thanks to automated logistics and optimised schedules. At the same time, this facilitates faster delivery times and higher levels of productivity.

Smart building

Flexibility on the manufacturing side is part of continuously fluctuating demand. Thanks to the largely modular buildings, businesses can anticipate sudden changes on the market. All building units and fitted modules come with detachable walls, mezzanine floors and flexible dividing walls. Work, conference and sanitary areas can be geared to specific wishes. All building units and pavilions are prepared for the specific wishes of their tenants.




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