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Innovation and excellence start with knowledge. Apart from the business community, education also has a prominent and permanent place here.

In-house talent development

Here, the gap between various worlds is reduced so they can benefit from each other 100%.

The campus is a platform for collaboration between successful specialist businesses and innovative educational and knowledge institutions on various levels of education.

As the paragon of craftsmanship and talent, Brainport Industries Campus will play an important role in the career and study choices of students. As such, the campus is also the home base for the new generation of professionals in the high-tech manufacturing industry.

Seamless integration with education

As the training institutes at Brainport Industries Campus are seamlessly intertwined with prominent businesses from the high-tech manufacturing industry, theory and practice tie in perfectly. Students can test their knowledge virtually immediately, more so than ever before. And more importantly, training with obsolete machines and equipment is a thing of the past. Students are trained on state-of-the-art machines with the most innovative technologies. Machines that were most likely built under the same roof.

Number of employees continues to grow

For businesses, the vicinity of education also offers benefits; personnel growth is within reach and existing employees are encouraged to keep learning. In other words, the recruitment and retention of people and knowledge also happen under the roof of Brainport Industries Campus.

In-house talent development

The best education partners in the region

Various departments and projects have found their way to the campus. Brainport Industries Campus works with these educational institutes on various levels, in the form of innovation programmes, for instance.

Summa College
As a partner in secondary vocational education, Summa College makes an indispensable contribution to making Industry 4.0 operational. Together, we turn innovative production into practice.

Fontys and Summa Universities of Applied Sciences
Fontys and Summa have settled at the campus to reinforce the connection between higher education and the field of activity for both parties. Students put theoretic innovations into practice straight away.

Eindhoven University of Technology
Thanks to a permanent collaboration between the university and the campus, science and the field of activity are also directly linked. Academic research is put into practice here.

All these educational institutes have extensive experience with collaborations in the business community. This way, the campus plays a major role in the future of thousands of students, who are introduced to the showpiece of the high-tech manufacturing industry directly.



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