— 19 juli 2023

Brainport Industries Campus welcomes MKG Nederland and Supplydrive as new tenants

MKG Nederland and Supplydrive are moving into BIC. "It is an inspiring location for us and our relations," said Eric Bakker, director of Supplydrive.

We are happy to be part of this community,” said Supplydrive director Eric Bakker about the new tenancy agreement with Brainport Industries Campus (BIC) signed Tuesday afternoon. Supplydrive and MKG Netherlands will move to campus at the end of the summer.

MKG Nederland specializes in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) – a software system that helps organizations digitize and manage business processes – for manufacturing companies. The office at BIC is an extension of the headquarters in Hengelo. In addition, the new location serves as a training facility for ERP courses provided by the company.

Supplydrive helps companies with integration among different types of ERP software, both within a company and across an entire value chain. The company spun out of the ‘Smart Connected Supplier Network’ field lab at BIC. As such, there are already strong connections to the campus.

Growing ecosystem
“We are very pleased to welcome Supplydrive and MKG Nederland to BIC. We see this as a great addition to the growing ecosystem,” said Erik Veurink, campus director of BIC, and Nora Nemes, asset director of Capreon, about the new tenants.

Digital transition
MKG Nederland and Supplydrive have a strong connection with each other. Both companies focus on the digital transition. “MKG Nederland’s ERP systems are in some cases part of Supplydrive. This way, we complement each other optimally,” explains Bakker of Supplydrive. He sees opportunities for further development at BIC and partnerships with other companies and educational institutions. “We already see collaborations developing with Summa College and Fontys Universities of Applied Sciences, for example. We are going to strengthen this further in the future. This way, we can introduce students to our profession and innovate together.”

Bakker sees BIC as an inspiring networking place. He looks forward to welcoming clients and business associates to the campus. “We want to immerse our relations in the world of innovation. In such wise, we can create a piece of awareness: we must and can innovate together.”