— 19 augustus 2022

3D printed sports bit in sporting goods store

19 augustus 2022

DAKA and 3Dmouthguard are teaming up to bring the first-ever 3D printed mouthguards to DAKA's sporting goods stores.

3D mouthguard and DAKA have a first in sports retail. The parties are joining forces to bring 3Dmouthguard’s custom-made 3D printed mouthguard mouthguards to athletes in the Netherlands through DAKA’s sports stores.

3Dmouthguard is the new innovation in sports mouthguards and has the mission to make the best dental protection available to every athlete worldwide. After more than 5 years of research and development, the products have been on the European market since 2022. Conceived, developed and produced in Eindhoven. Together with sports chain DAKA, 3Dmouthguard is now bringing the sports bits to consumers and it is a truly Dutch success story.

“We see a huge opportunity for sports retailers to offer better and affordable dental protection” says Jeroen Kerkhof of 3Dmouthguard. “Athletes currently have the choice of 2 types of mouthguards: An expensive bit from the dentist that protects well but is relatively large in the mouth, and a cheap standard (boil&bite) bit from the sporting goods store that offers protection for only a few training/competitions. Both products are perceived as too large, uncomfortable and not nice for communicating and breathing. We have solved that. Because your teeth are measured through a 3D scan, it has the ideal fit. Smart algorithms and industrial 3D printers are then used to produce a perfectly fitting bit. This *clicks* the bit really tight and the athlete can talk comfortably, drink, run and thus focus 100% on his or her sport again. With this solution for sports retailers, we ensure that dental quality dental protection becomes accessible to every athlete.

DAKA is the retailer with the premiere of this unique Dutch product.
“DAKA is always looking for unique and innovative products that match our vision and strategy. We want to offer our customers a lasting memory, an experience and added value through our expertise, which is where 3DMouthguard fits in perfectly” says Michiel van Nieuwenhuize of DAKA. In August DAKA has the well known Hockey Events and that 3 weekends long. During these weekends, all field hockey brands are represented in the store. Because DAKA is committed to safe and comfortable sports, they confidently partnered with the innovative brand 3D Mouthguard. Stop by and have your teeth professionally fitted on the spot, keep focus on your sports performance with the best equipment from stick to personal protection.


Where can I go for my custom made bit:
August 13 and 14 DAKA Rotterdam, Abraham van Stolkweg 64, 3041 JA Rotterdam
August 20 and 21 DAKA Rotterdam, Abraham van Stolkweg 64, 3041 JA Rotterdam
27 and 28 August DAKA Apeldoorn, De Voorwaarts 35, 7321 MA Apeldoorn

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3Dmouthguard – www.3dmouthguard.nl
3Dmouthguard was founded in 2016 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, with the mission to provide every athlete in the world with the best dental protection, with better wearing comfort and the most friendly (environment and convenience) in use.

3Dmouthguard’s first products were launched on the market in 2021. The products are produced on a large scale through industrial 3D printers. The current production capacity is 150,000 mouthguards per year, this capacity will be scaled up to 5 million per year towards 2030.

Jeroen Kerkhof – Managing partner – 3Dmouthguard