Technical Training Courses to Brainport Industries Campus

Technical Training Courses to Brainport Industries Campus

A co-creation of education and the manufacturing industry requires the development of new techniques and forms of education.

Brainport Industries Campus (BIC): a powerful environment in which education and the manufacturing industry work together on innovations. As of August 2018, Summa Techniek, Summa Procestechnologie, Teclab and Fablab will start their courses on the campus site. In the Factory of the Future, more than 1,600 MBO students will be building their future from then on. The contract for the lease of approximately 5,600 m2 of educational space was signed today by the parties involved.

Joint training and development, that’s what BIC is all about. Successful specialist companies and innovative knowledge and educational institutions at MBO, HBO and WO level work closely together. In this way, they ensure that theory and practice fit seamlessly together. Students are trained in the machinery of today, with the latest high-tech machines. Teachers work simultaneously in education and business; a dividing line between schools and companies is no longer visible. Employees of companies are stimulated by the excellent training opportunities to continue learning throughout their careers and to share their knowledge and experience with the new generation. In this way, ‘golden craftsmanship’ is created from which both education and business benefit.

Culture change

A co-creation of education and the manufacturing industry requires the development of new techniques and forms of education. Students, teachers and employees of companies will soon be in contact with each other as a matter of course. “It’s not just about a physical relocation, it’s also about a change of culture,” says Petra van Lange, member of the Executive Board of Summa College. “There has to be considerable ‘rethinking’ to arrive at a new educational concept. That’s why we are talking to the manufacturing industry about what we can do together. For example, the installation and use of machines. Current developments offer many opportunities to approach things differently. Such as opening up 50 weeks a year, just like the companies in the manufacturing industry.”

Collaboration and innovativeness

Brainport Industries Campus is the first location where high-tech suppliers jointly innovate and produce. Facilities, services, warehouses and workspaces are shared there. And above all: knowledge. Collaboration and innovative power are strengthened in this way. The almost 200-hectare campus offers both nationally and internationally unique opportunities for education and business. The entire supply chain will be represented there. Ferdinand Gremmen, as Director of VolkerWessels’ company SDK Vastgoed involved in the development of the area, is delighted with the arrival of the technical training courses. “This will give the campus a showcase function for craftsmanship and talent and will thus play an important role in students’ career choices. The campus will be an iconic, imaginative home base for future professionals in the high-tech manufacturing industry.”

On behalf of VOF Brainport Industries Campus SDK Vastgoed is responsible for the integral area development.