Subsidie Focus Opens Office at Brainport Industries Campus

Subsidie Focus Opens Office at Brainport Industries Campus

Companies often do not know where to turn to for advice on or application for subsidies.

oreover, it is a long and time-consuming process. “It’s all about trust, and it’s really man’s handiwork,” says Roy Hoven, Manager of Subsidy Focus. The subsidy consultancy will open a branch at Brainport Industries Campus in Eindhoven in the near future. Here, consultants will support innovative entrepreneurs in finding financing opportunities.

Subsidie Focus/ ABAB has offices in the provinces of Brabant, Zeeland, Gelderland and Limburg, and with the opening at BIC, this is the fifteenth location of the consultancy. Hoven says they were looking for a location where the high-tech systems & materials, ICT and logistics sectors come together. “We help companies in the high-tech manufacturing industry to obtain funding, which may come from the Netherlands. But also, from Europe or somewhere else in the world. We also have international contacts”, Hoven says. According to him, Brainport Industries Campus is a logical choice: “We invest a lot in innovation and sustainability here. This region is also unique when it comes to cooperation and knowledge sharing between high-tech, manufacturing industry and education. The campus is the heart where these sectors come together.”

“Companies work well together here, you feel and taste that. So, you can visit each other easily to have a chat. That connection is important, even when you are looking at a subsidy application, because who do you have to call? And where do you have to be? By physically establishing ourselves between entrepreneurs in the manufacturing industry, we take away that threshold. You will also be able to just walk into our office and ask questions. Hoven emphasises how valuable financial support can be for a company: “Additional funding at the right time can be very important for innovative development. It can give just that extra push that is needed to grow. It’s nice to be involved in this.”