Innovation Programme 'Factory of the Future'.

Innovation Programme 'Factory of the Future'.

Eindhoven, January 26, 2018 – This afternoon, the kick-off of the innovation programme ‘Factory of the Future’ took place at the Conference Centre on the high-tech campus in Eindhoven. After Bert Pauli, Delegate of the Province of Noord-Brabant, gave the official start sign in the auditorium, it was the turn of the companies and project leaders of the innovation projects. They explained through short pitches how the ambitions, activities and facilities will be realised through this unique cooperation, with Brainport Industries Campus as a landing place.

The innovation programme aims to develop smart innovation and production facilities, using and focusing on the latest technologies and making them accessible to the entire sector. An accelerated transition to a ‘smart industry’ will be achieved through collaboration in the high-tech value chain. The programme consists of seven projects focusing on the themes of robotics, digital information exchange, multi-material 3D printing, industrial metal printing, high-tech software, vocational training in engineering and advanced production logistics. There is a total of some 75 companies and six educational and knowledge institutions affiliated to the programme.

The Province of Noord-Brabant works together with Brainport Industries on the innovation programme. Delegate Bert Pauli, who accepted the symbolic key to the innovation facilities from John Blankendaal, Managing Director of Brainport Industries: “Companies, knowledge institutions and government join forces with Brainport Industries Campus to accelerate the application of the latest knowledge and techniques in the manufacturing industry. This is an important addition to the powerful cooperation in the high-tech sector, which is of great importance for the innovative strength and competitive position of Brabant. All parties involved stick their necks out to make this possible. The province appreciates this and contributes by sharing in the financial risk of the seven projects.”

John Blankendaal of Brainport Industries, as an ecosystem of high-tech suppliers involved in almost all projects and often responsible for the coordination: “This programme was partly due to the progressive innovation policy of the Province of Noord-Brabant. We are very pleased that we can give our action agenda for People, Technology, Market and Cooperation a major boost. It will help to strengthen the international competitive position of the Dutch high-tech supply chain, together with a large number of companies and educational and knowledge institutions. The common thread is to work together and implement the innovations, both at the location and far beyond. This will continue to be done by people, and this integrated approach, bringing the projects and facilities together at a unique location, will certainly contribute to this.”

The facilities for the Factory of the Future are currently being realised on the site of Brainport Industries Campus (BIC). BIC is a campus development of almost 200 hectares in Eindhoven North West. The campus is being realised along the A2 motorway, close to Eindhoven Airport and the Beatrix Canal and is part of the Brainport Park. The location consists of spatial clusters for high-tech companies in the supply and manufacturing industry, where the entire supply chain is represented, and there is also a new park area for the Eindhoven region. BIC is a collaboration between the municipality of Eindhoven, Brainport Industries, the Province of Noord-Brabant, BOM Renewable Energy and SDK Vastgoed. At the heart of BIC is the glass Atrium, a facility with high-quality shared facilities, such as hospitality, technology showrooms, flexible production areas and pavilions for innovation, education and development. This Atrium, together with the innovation programme, will serve as a ‘cement’ between the many companies and knowledge institutions involved in BIC as tenants, service providers and/or collaborate in one of the innovation projects.