The capacity for collaboration and continuous innovation determines the growth of the high-tech manufacturing industry. The Brainport Industries innovation programme is focused on making a maximum contribution. The programme has the ambition to become the ultimate worldwide brand for collaborative innovation and flexible manufacturing within this industry.

The Brainport innovation programme ensures the bundling of strength in various themes for a future-proof economic environment. Through the themes technology, market, people and supply chain cooperation the programme helps the Brainport region and the Dutch high-tech manufacturing industry to continue to fulfil a leading role in the world.

Supply chain becomes supply network

Brainport Industries Campus takes advantage of the way in which the chain is evolving. In the past a supply chain had a head and a tail. This is increasingly changing into a supply network in which partners avail themselves of each other’s strengths and benefits. Brainport Industries Campus has been developed with the supply network as a basis and contributes to the use of the advantages this delivers.

Synergy & cohesion

Companies, knowledge and education institutions are usually distributed across the region. On the Brainport Industries Campus the most innovative, successful companies and institutes are brought together. The entire supply chain will manifest itself here as a whole and develop business cases together, educating people, and manufacturing products. The campus is to become the home front for far-reaching collaborations between suppliers, specialist companies and innovative education and knowledge institutes at intermediate vocational, higher vocational and university education levels.

“Brainport Industries Campus has been developed with the supply network as a basis. This approach is completely focused on getting the maximum out of the utilization of the benefits.”

Unity delivers strength

The innovation programme is focused on raising cooperation between companies (and government) to the highest possible level. The entire sector benefits from this. Employees, education institutions, students and competitors, they all benefit from the high-tech manufacturing industry united under a single banner and identity. Brainport Industries Campus embodies that identity, and makes the entire Brainport region recognisable as an ideal picture of cooperation, innovation and sustainability.


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