The evolving supply chain and the Brainport Industries Campus extensive programme meet in the factory of the future. Ideas and initiatives that stem from the programme offer solutions for cooperative encounters in which flexibility, modularity and scalability are the key themes.

Maximum response

In the factory of the future a modular plug-in approach is utilized wherever possible. Cost models are chiefly based on pay-per-use. Through sharing facilities, overheads are kept low and flexibility high. Business can still achieve maximum results where the demand for products increases or decreases unexpectedly. Delivering the best possible response in a changing market.

Smart logistics

In the factory of the future everything and everyone finds their way to their destination. Materials, goods, employees and visitors have their own routing, without the various processes getting in each other’s way. Permanent continuous manufacturing processes are achieved through underground supply and collection of materials and return logistics that take place 24 hours a day, outside regular working hours too.

Computerised logistics

It is the objective of Brainport Industries Campus to have a completely computerised, self-steering logistics system that ensures that the starting materials are offered at the right place, to the correct machine at the correct moment, according to the required product specifications and dimensions. This always makes maximum use of the available machine time, and the flow of waste materials can efficiently be returned for recycling.

Smart packaging

The maximum recyclability of products and raw materials and the minimising of value destruction are central to all processes. There is an important role here for centralised robot processing, sharing clean rooms and the cleaning of semi-fabricated and completed products within the same process. Central stock control will play a larger role in the minimisation of waste. A variable, transparent settlement model ensures clarity in the costs.

Modular construction

The smart building principle of the factory of the future ensures maximum flexibility. Because spaces are completely modular, companies can take advantage of sudden changes or volatile markets. Thanks to the modular character, companies can create working, meeting and sanitary areas as they wish, fine-tuning the units to their specific wishes. All the building units and built-in modules have removable intermediate floors, and flexible partition walls.


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