Brainport Industries Campus will have a showcase function for professional expertise and talent and as such play a significant role in the choice of occupations that school pupils opt to enter. The campus will become an iconic home base – captivating the imagination – for the new generation of professionals in the high-tech manufacturing industry.

Education and development will take up a prominent position on the Brainport Industries Campus. Close collaboration will take place in the Quadruple Helix. The campus is a platform for participation between successful specialist companies and various innovative education and knowledge institutes  at intermediate vocational, higher vocational and university education levels.

Seamless integration between education and commerce

As education institutes in the Brainport Industries Campus are interwoven with top companies from the high-tech manufacturing industry theory and practice dovetail seamlessly together. More than ever before, pupils and students can test their knowledge directly in practice. And even more importantly; learn a profession in a contemporary plant. Out-dated machines are a thing of the past. Pupils are taught on the latest high-tech machines that are very likely to have been developed under the same roof.

Win-win situation

Maximum integration is of course not just beneficial for the education of students. Company employees too will be stimulated through the excellent opportunities for ancillary training to continue to study throughout their careers. And it goes without saying that companies will benefit greatly from this. Both employees and knowledge remain in the organisation for longer, making both a valuable and lasting investment.


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