The unique concept behind the campus enhances the innovative capability and competitiveness of individual companies, which have the opportunity of participating in ambitious innovation programmes in collaboration with government bodies and other stakeholders. It is the ideal business location for companies interested in doing business, innovating and producing together.

The benefits

The Brainport Industries Campus offers benefits in three areas. Economic benefits in relation to business operations in the broadest sense. For example, flexible accommodation, scalability and shared processes and facilities. Reputation benefits resulting from intensive collaboration as part of a joint entity and a clear identity, which can significantly boost the level of interest in high-tech manufacturing. Innovation benefits arising from opportunities which companies can jointly exploit by seeking synergies and engaging in collaborative innovation.

Economic benefits

Flexible building concept

The modular construction system based on physical building units and functional built-in modules results in highly effective cost management and contributes directly to reducing operating costs. The accommodation perfectly matches the business operations.

Scalable Manufacturing

Manufacturing areas are flexible and scalable to ensure an optimum manufacturing process. Extra space can be rented temporarily to resolve capacity constraints. 

Flexibility in manufacturing, human capital and technology

Intelligently sharing human capital, machines and technology guarantees maximum capacity usage at minimum cost.


Companies pay jointly for the use of machines and services based on a smart pay-per-use scheme. This reduces investment (no expensive outlay), they have fewer write-downs and they always have up-to-date machines at their disposal.

Shared facilities

Countless services and business support activities can be shared. At service level this includes reception/front desk, clean rooms and meeting rooms, a company restaurant, storage and warehousing. Facility personnel like cleaners, IT, security and a joint pool of flex workers can be organised together. And technologies and processes like 3D printing, measurement systems, fibre-optic internet, server rooms, stock control, logistics, quality control and waste processing will be utilized together.

Innovation benefits

Proximity, flexibility & trust

The companies established on the campus will draw together to enter cooperative ventures. Physical proximity and mutual trust boost potential cooperation in the area of innovation.

Smarter business models

Brainport Industries Campus stimulates smarter business models among the various players and specialist service providers in the supply chain. The campus invites innovation.

Hotbed for start-ups

Brainport Industries Campus will be a hotbed for start-ups and a hotspot for investors.

New business cases

Bedrijven die gevestigd zijn op de campus zullen samen zoeken Companies established on the campus will look for win-win opportunities together in cooperative ventures and the possibilities for creating new business opportunities through deploying Brainport Industries Campus as an innovative showcase.


Brainport Industries Campus will make the Brainport region very attractive to investors.

Image benefits

A-brand status

The campus name has the maximum potential to grow to become a worldwide brand for the industry and its approach to work and innovation. Companies on the campus compete jointly on a worldwide scale, from a leading international ‘A-brand’ position.

The significant identity of the high-tech manufacturing industry

Companies in the high-tech manufacturing industry are still scattered here and there and operate too much ‘out-of-sight’. Through clustering these companies under a single banner this industry gains a significant identity of its own.

A stage for success stories

Companies from the high-tech manufacturing industry are usually barely involved in marketing, even though they are often exceptionally successful. Brainport Industries Campus gives these success cases the stage they deserve.

Attracting national and international top talent

The strong image of Brainport Industries Campus will have a magnetic attraction for talent. Allowing companies to be more effective in acquiring talent and retaining it for longer.

Part of the BIC picture

As part of Brainport, the positive image of Brainport Industries Campus boosts the image of affiliated companies, while maintaining their own identity.

Iconic location

Brainport Industries Campus will become an iconic and inspiring place to work at a strategic location.

Household names

Companies that establish themselves on the campus will quickly become well-known to a wider public thanks to the public position of Brainport Industries Campus.


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