The Brainport Industries Campus offers freedom of choice and flexibility as a matter of course. Never before have companies benefited from such an extensive range of choice in determining their ideal working environment. Almost anything is possible. And even more importantly; initial choices can always be changed. Almost all aspects of establishing a business on the campus are characterised by maximum flexibility.

Upon completion of all the construction phases, the Brainport Industries Campus will ultimately comprise five separate buildings. These buildings are linked to each other by a central atrium. This atrium is the main entrance to the individual buildings and the point of access for all companies, institutes and organisations that operate on the Brainport Industries Campus.

The atrium: the main artery through the campus

The atrium of the Brainport Industries Campus connects the different building clusters and houses the shared services and facilities such as a general reception area (front desk), restaurant, catering facilities and a range of meeting and conference rooms. In addition, the educational and knowledge institutions are located in the atrium. As the beating heart of the campus, the atrium is the logical place where employees, visitors, students and stakeholders meet and mingle.

“The atrium is the logical place where employees, visitors, students and stakeholders meet and mingle This is the beating heart of the campus, which houses facilities such as a general reception area, a restaurant, catering facilities and a selection of meeting and conference rooms.”

Manufacturing showcase

In addition, because the public can see parts of the companies' manufacturing processes from the atrium, it acts as a showcase for high-tech manufacturing. A shared logistics zone for receiving, shipping, storing and transshipping goods and products is situated one floor below, underneath the atrium. The modular construction system, which allows companies to create an ideal working environment, is based on physical building units and functional built-in modules.

Physical building units

The building units are located off the atrium and act as the basic envelope for a company environment. Goods transport routes and pedestrian routes are standard design elements of these units. Where operating conditions allow, rooms and corridors feature glazed skylights and façades that let in natural light and create a pleasant working climate. So employees can enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings while working. In addition, buildings and transport routes can be equipped with an intermediate floor to create both double-height and single-height spaces.

Functional built-in modules

Built-in modules structure and define functionalities within the building units and can be installed in practically any position within the building envelope. The built-in modules are suitable for basic functions such as workspaces, conference rooms and sanitary areas. The prefab design means that they can be built and integrated extremely quickly, which guarantees minimum disruption and maximum flexibility

Unique business locations

The ability to mix and match building units and built-in modules allows companies to create their own unique operating location, which can also easily be adapted to changing needs if circumstances require. This optimum flexibility allows companies to anticipate organisational changes, changes to processes or changing market environments with maximum convenience. And this approach makes both growth and downsizing possible.


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