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Where businesses and technologies (continue to) grow in a stimulating and innovative environment. The ideal location for high-tech scale-ups, innovative businesses and knowledge institutes.

Units from 350 m2

GroWing. All facilities for Tomorrow’s Factory... and more

Here, scale-ups and knowledge institutes fully benefit from all the facilities offered by tomorrow's factory, without having to make major investments immediately.

Smart business practices and growth in the vicinity of renowned businesses, schools and high-end (production) facilities. At GroWing, businesses collectively benefit from a prestigious appearance and inspiring working environment. A magnet for customers, investors and talented individuals. Also, the wide range of collaboration options enables every business to innovate fast.

Smart work units
GroWing offers smart work units from 350 m2, which can be combined with office units from 200 m2. Parts of the rooms have a clear height of 4.3m and even 13m. As such, GroWing offers various possibilities to facilitate businesses that are looking for high-tech production units, cleanrooms, lab space, storage, showrooms or a combination of the above.


Luxury as a standard

The physical building units are delivered shell-plus, with, among other things:
• A clear span of 20 metres
• A clear height of 13 metres
• Sprinkler system and fire prevention
• Customised climate
• Continuous rooflights for a pleasant working environment
• Pay-per-use utilities
• Loading and unloading facilities via the logistical zone
• Variable floor load of 8,000 kilos/m2
• Floor point load of 12,000 kilos/m2 – tensile force of 4.000 kilos/m2


Increased visibility in GroWing

GroWing is directly connected to the Brainport Industries Campus’ imposing atrium. Large glass façades create maximum visibility from the atrium. This means parts of the production process in GroWing are visible to the public, while these areas serve as a shop window for businesses in the high-tech manufacturing industry. An excellent opportunity to make maximum use of this visibility for commercial purposes. And, of course, there is an option to screen off areas if necessary.

Attracting talented people
Brainport Industries Campus acts as a shop window for technology and as such, it plays a major role in attracting talented people, businesses and investors. The campus is an attractive home base for the new generation of professionals in the high-tech manufacturing industry. A place where the manufacturing industry is tangible but more so visible, which means it acts like a magnet for talented individuals.

Seamless integration between training and development
Brainport Industries Campus links up education, businesses, authorities and visitors. Renowned knowledge institutes on various level of education (academic, vocational etc.). As the training institutes at Brainport Industries Campus are seamlessly intertwined with prominent businesses from the high-tech manufacturing industry, theory and practice tie in perfectly. Here, students put their knowledge into practice almost immediately and staff receive extra training about the latest developments. As such, training with obsolete machines and equipment is a thing of the past.




Business accommodation

Shared facilities

For a business’ core activities, the campus offers a wide range of facilities that workers, customers and visitors can benefit from.

·       BIC entrance
·       Restaurant, canteen and café facilities
·       Various high-end conference rooms
·       Extensive sanitary facilities
·       Theatre area
·       Car park
·       Prototyping facilities


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