Greenlight for Innovative Campus

Greenlight for Innovative Campus

Brainport Industries Campus zoning plan approved by the Council of State

Wednesday 28 September, the Council of State gave a positive opinion on the zoning plan around the establishment of Brainport Industries Campus (cluster 1) in Eindhoven North West. For the cooperating parties, the positive verdict is an important milestone in the realisation of this innovative campus. The development is of great strategic importance for the manufacturing industry and very important for employment.

Brainport Industries Campus: unique

Brainport Industries Campus is the future campus for the international high-tech manufacturing industry. The development of the first cluster will be carried out by VolkerWessels company SDK Vastgoed. Earlier, the leading company KMWE announced its intention to be the first to move to the campus in 2017. Alderman Staf Depla: “The way in which Brainport Industries Campus brings together high-tech manufacturing companies in the green area Brainport Park is not yet happening anywhere in Europe. In fact, the entire high-tech supply chain, from small startups to multinationals, works together in one big “Factory of the Future” in one location. This is also good news for employment.” As a result, borders between companies are disappearing, making new models of collaboration possible. The ambition is to turn the campus into an international showcase that reinforces the strength of the supply chain in the region.

Ferdinand Gremmen, Director of VolkerWessels company SDK Vastgoed expands: “In this demand-driven development, we are much more of a partner than a developer and builder. Together with governments and potential business owners, we have brought the vision of this total concept to fruition. BIC will be an innovative campus with national and international appeal, offering great opportunities to young, talented people. In this way, we are taking a joint step towards a sustainable future.”

Economic necessity

The national government, the province, the region and the municipality of Eindhoven consider the development of Brainport Industries Campus to be necessary in order to maintain the international economic success of the Brainport region Eindhoven and to strengthen it for the future. In addition, this is important for the international competitive position of the Netherlands. In order to realise this, it is necessary for the parties that are part of the high-tech supplying manufacturing industry to establish themselves physically at a single location. The business community is the initiator of the campus.

The plans for an innovative concept such as Brainport Industries Campus fit seamlessly with the report ‘Mainports voorbij’ by the Council for the Environment and Infrastructure (RLI), which was published on 1 July. This important advisory body advises the government to abandon the Mainport policy that has been followed for years. According to the RLI, Schiphol Airport and the port of Rotterdam no longer function as the economic engine of the Netherlands. The council sees more economic core areas outside North and South Holland, such as the Brainport region. Brainport region Eindhoven distinguishes itself by high added-value in high-quality products, the emphasis on research & development and successful cooperation within the triple helix (government, business and knowledge institutions).

Strategic location

The Brainport Industries Campus is located near Eindhoven Airport, the A2/N2 and the Beatrixkanaal. The total surface area is 200 hectares, and there are five large industrial buildings build on a third of it. Each building has shared facilities and can be adapted to the changing requirements of users. A glass atrium with catering facilities and pavilions for education and projects runs through the buildings. The space around the buildings forms one whole with the green, wooded area of the new city park Brainport Park. There will be footpaths and cycle paths, meadows and special gardens.