— August 30th 2023

Brainport Industries Campus - 5 years of innovation & collaboration

In the vibrant region of Eindhoven, the Netherlands, Brainport Industries Campus Cluster 1 is celebrating a major milestone. August 2023 marks the fifth anniversary of this impressive campus development that has emerged as an incubator for innovation, collaboration and cutting-edge technology. It's time to look back at the impact the campus has had in this short time.

Erik Veurink, Campus Director: “Over the past five years at Brainport Industries Campus, I have seen how a vision can become reality. Together with a dedicated team of developers from SDK Vastgoed (part of VolkerWessels), toe-suppliers and, of course, our residents at BIC, we have created a thriving ECO system where innovation, collaboration and growth are central. I am proud of this wonderful development journey we have gone through together and look forward with anticipation to the next phase, such as the development of BIC Cluster 2, with which we can make even more contribution groundbreaking, with which the High Tech Manufacturing Industry can and will develop even further.”

Residents of the first hour
One of the first residents of Brainport Industries Campus is KMWE Group, a leading international supplier of high-tech precision components and modules for various sectors, including the aerospace, semiconductor and medical industries. With a long history of innovation and advanced technologies, KMWE was the perfect partner for BIC to begin realizing a technology hub that would strengthen the competitiveness of the Netherlands and the Brainport region as a whole.
KMWE settled at BIC with the vision to share its knowledge and expertise, foster collaboration with other companies and stimulate innovations. As one of the first residents, KMWE brought not only its years of experience in the manufacturing industry to the campus, but also its culture of continuous improvement and pursuit of technological advancement.
Edward Vonken, CEO KMWE; “The BIC concept that once started as a dream from the Brainport Industries cooperative proves to be successful after 5 years. KMWE as one of the initiators has placed all its Eindhoven activities here and put itself and the manufacturing industry on the map, with our relations, our clients but especially with our employees. We are proud of what we do here and to be part of this unique ECO system.”
Summa College also joined the BIC community. Summa College, a leading educational institution in the region, focuses on training students for the technical job market and offers a wide range of education and training in the field of engineering and technology. For the cooperation with Summa College, it was crucial to build a bridge between education and business, encouraging young talents to participate in practical experiences and internships at the companies at BIC.
Saartje Janssen, Director Summa College; “Over the past 5 years, Brainport Industries Campus has developed into an innovative & hybrid learning environment where Summa College students can further develop their talents. In co-creation with companies, new training programs have emerged that respond to new technologies in the High Tech Manufacturing industry.”
The unique ecosystem of Brainport Industries Campus soon proved attractive to other innovative companies and research institutes. The very first (operational) resident was Anteryon, a company focused on the development of micro-optics, precision optical components and modules for various sectors such as semiconductors, optical sensors for Industry 4.0 and the agricultural sector, and security systems and medical applications.
With its expertise in advanced optical technologies, Anteryon contributed to the diversity of disciplines and expertise at BIC, creating new collaborations and opportunities.
Gert-Jan Bloks; CEO Anteryon; “As the first occupant, we moved in on August 15, 2018, at the time in a BIC which was not yet completely finished, without an atrium, without the imposing main staircase at entrance, a hybrid BIC Café, but no beautiful BIC Eat & Meet restaurant or other professional shared facilities yet, but with a lot of construction work still to be done. From that ‘BIC start-up phase, together with BIC Exploitatie, the parties affiliated with BIC and the other tenants, we have now created something that is seen not only in our region but also internationally as more than an example for future high-tech ECO systems. We are proud to be part of this and to have been allowed and able to actively participate”.
Since the arrival of KMWE, Summa College and Anteryon, Brainport Industries Campus has continued to grow, with more and more companies and organizations joining this inspiring ecosystem of technological progress and innovation. With a continuous exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences, BIC remains the driving force behind the development of the technology and manufacturing industry in the region and beyond.
BIC’s success story shows how collaboration between businesses, knowledge institutions and education can lead to groundbreaking innovations and create a thriving community of technology pioneers.

A Vision of Collaboration
Brainport Industries Campus was launched with an ambitious vision: to create a dynamic and high-quality location where companies, knowledge institutions and governments would work closely together to drive innovation in the high-tech manufacturing industry. With this mission in mind, SDK Vastgoed (part of VolkerWessels) started this development as a market initiative in 2014.
The concept of co-creation, where different companies and organizations are located next to each other, encourages synergy and knowledge exchange. This unique ecosystem allows companies to work together on research, development and production, resulting in accelerated growth of innovations and economic impact.

State-of-the-Art Facilities
What sets Brainport Industries Campus apart is the combination of state-of-the-art facilities, sustainability in an inspiring green environment. BIC Cluster 1 includes a specially designed building equipped with the latest technologies to provide an optimal environment for developing advanced products and processes. In addition to office spaces, laboratories, production halls and testing facilities are available to tenants and partners.
Sustainability is one of the cores of the campus, with a focus on energy efficiency, recycling and green energy sources. The green landscape surrounding the buildings contributes to a pleasant working environment and helps reduce the ecological footprint.
Ferdinand Gremmen, director SDK Real Estate; “With half a decade of joint innovation between the education sector and industry, we have opened doors to endless possibilities. With BIC we provide the contribution for groundbreaking developments that will further shape the High Tech Manufacturing industry in the years to come.”

Success Stories and Innovations
In the past five years, more than 50 companies, educational institutions and start-ups have found their way to Brainport Industries Campus, and many of them have made impressive achievements here. Collaboration has led to a cross-pollination of ideas, resulting in innovative breakthroughs in various sectors, including aerospace, automotive, robotics and medical technology.
The campus has also hosted several events within its ECO system, such as symposia, lectures and trade shows, bringing together industry experts and talent to share knowledge and network. These events have helped strengthen the Brainport region’s position as a global hub for technological development.

Celebrating the Jubilee
As the campus celebrates its 5th anniversary, we would like to reflect on the successes that Brainport Industries Campus has achieved. This achievement shows that the Netherlands is not only a country known for its historical heritage, but also a very active player in the field of advanced technology and innovation.

The success of Brainport Industries Campus is a confirmation of the power of cooperation among industry and between industry & education. It demonstrates that when companies pool their knowledge and resources as open innovation, they can have a collective impact far greater than the sum of their individual efforts.
After this first milestone of our 5-year existence, we look to the future of Brainport Industries Campus with enthusiasm. It is an inspiring example of how innovation thrives in an environment that embraces collaboration and sustainability. We can look forward to further breakthroughs, creative solutions and an ongoing contribution to technological progress in the Netherlands and beyond.