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BIC ONE. A unique place where innovative companies in the high-tech manufacturing industry can spread their wings.

BIC ONE, which is housed in the wing on the right-hand side of the Brainport Industries Campus, offers innovative companies in the high-tech manufacturing industry the opportunity to become part of a unique ecosystem. We are reaching out to you because the community needs your knowledge and specialisations in order to grow, innovate and achieve synergy. Rent flexible workspace in BIC ONE, become part of the ecosystem and take full advantage of the many advantages BIC has to offer.

Brainport Industries Campus

Brainport Industries Campus is the face of the high-tech manufacturing industry. This international campus development in the heart of Brainport Eindhoven brings top technology, education, government and high-quality facilities together under one roof. It is here that the innovative and competitive strength of the high-tech manufacturing industry spreads its wings.

Innovate faster

At BIC ONE, collaborations are formed quickly and they achieve their full potential. Companies and institutes draw upon each other’s strengths and specialisations in all fields. We have a common goal: to produce and innovate in less time and with fewer major investments. By working together and by taking advantage of the short lines of communication and the shared facilities we can respond more quickly to market demands.

BIC Building Blocks to get your start-up, scale-up or grow-up into top gear.

Multi Helix
BIC Building Blocks


When you have the best educational institutions under one roof, it is easy to attract talent. As a business owner, you can go to the company restaurant and just grab a seat at a table with a talented first-year student. That’s the magic of BIC ONE.

  • Iconic home base
  • Magnet for talent: Summa College, Fontys, Avans
  • Perfect link between theory and practice
  • Retain talent in the organisation for longer

Multi Helix

Innovation spreads its wings wherever industry, education and government come together – Brainport is powerful evidence of this. Knowledge flows freely between the forces of the multi helix at BIC ONE.

  • Government, businesses, education, the public and society
  • Players in the high-tech manufacturing industry joins forces
  • Innovate faster and manufacture collaboratively
  • New generation of technically trained people
  • (Inter)national competitive strength


At BIC ONE, the start and end of the complete supply chain come together. Collectively, these companies and organisations form a high-tech ecosystem. People come here to ‘gain’ something, but also to ‘contribute’ something. Therein lies the very power of this campus.

  • Maximum leveraging of strengths and specialisations
  • Give and take
  • Innovation partners in technology, engineering, manufacturability with logistics as a driver


In the high-tech manufacturing industry, companies experience dramatic growth spurts. Fortunately, the modular structure of BIC ONE makes scaling up easy. Workspaces can also be arranged flexibly. Would you like an office that overlooks the production area? No problem, renting at BIC ONE is renting made to measure!

  • Flexibility
  • Development opportunities
  • Smart building
  • Smart logistics
  • Smart packaging & storage


The most specialised conditions and raw materials: at BIC ONE you are not alone in your reliance on them for production. Only pay for what you use and enjoy the convenience of the shared facilities, such as the restaurant, theatre and meeting rooms.

  • Utility box
  • Eat & meet
  • Theatre
  • Meeting rooms


Sustainability is at the heart of BIC ONE. It is only natural that Brainport Industries Campus has been built in accordance with the highest standards of sustainability and that the building boasts a range of special features. By working together smartly and by sharing facilities we make production efficient and sustainable. And all this while being surrounded by an amazing wooded area.

  • Circularity
  • Sharing is sustainable
  • Sustainable building, sustainably built
  • Green environment

BIC Building Blocks

To be translated:

Wat BIC jou te bieden heeft? De ‘BIC Building Blocks’ om jouw start-up, scale-up of grow-up in de hoogste versnelling te brengen. Dat zijn er zes: Talent, Triple Helix, Ecosystem, Modularity, Facilities en Green.

BIC ONE is the perfect place to base a high-tech company, whatever the future may bring. Large and established companies are stimulated here thanks to the many facilities and the progressive work methods at the campus.

Scale-ups and knowledge institutions can take maximum advantage of all the facilities that BIC ONE has to offer, without needing to make major investments straight away.


The modular structure makes scaling up easy. Furthermore, you can decide for yourself how to arrange your workspace and which facilities you utilise.

At BIC ONE, you can take maximum advantage of everything that Brainport Industries Campus has to offer, without having to commit to major investments straight away. Are you looking to do smart business and grow alongside leading companies, educational institutions and high-end (production) facilities? Are you interested in joining other growing companies in benefiting from the impressive atmosphere and inspiring work environment? BIC ONE is a magnet for clients, investors and up-and-coming talent. In addition, the vast scope for collaboration provides you with the opportunity to innovate faster.

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