Anteryon First to Move to Brainport Industries Campus

Anteryon First to Move to Brainport Industries Campus

Eindhoven, June 21, 2018 - Anteryon, manufacturer of lenses, lasers and other optical systems, will start moving to the Brainport Industries Campus (BIC) from August 1 this year.

This will make it the first company to move to the campus.

“We’re really looking forward to it,” says Gert-Jan Bloks, CEO of Anteryon International. “At Brainport Industries Campus, a whole new high-tech environment will be created. Brainport Industries Campus will be the centre of the manufacturing industry in the Netherlands. The interaction that arises there between the companies raises the overall level. I expect a lot from it in terms of impulses for innovation, but also in terms of the interaction with young talent of the courses present at the campus.”

Military operation

Anteryon rents spaces of around 3,750 square metres for at least fifteen years, including a cleanroom of 1,850 square metres and a two-storey pavilion of 800 square metres. The leased space will be completed on 31 July, after which the move from the Zwaanstraat in Eindhoven will be completed two weeks later. Quite a challenge, according to Bloks. “It means that we will dismantle some 700 machines and peripherals and rebuild them at Brainport Industries Campus. Fortunately, we receive a lot of support, including from the equipment suppliers. It will be a military operation.” From mid-August, all 160 employees of Anteryon will be fully transferred to the campus and production will be back to normal.


“It’s a nice environment to work in”, Bloks looks ahead. With Brainport Industries Campus we are trendsetters in Europe. The international spotlights are focused on us.” A vision shared by Ferdinand Gremmen, Director of Royal VolkerWessels company SDK Vastgoed. “We are very happy with Anteryon as a tenant. The fact that the entire company, including production and R&D facilities, is coming to Brainport Industries Campus, we see as an underlining of the Campus concept.”