The most innovative and successful companies and institutes in the Brainport region will come together as a single powerful entity on the Brainport Industries Campus. The campus is destined to become a leading hub where innovation and competitiveness in high-tech manufacturing reach the highest level of excellence.

A bird's eye view of the green campus

Leading knowledge institutes and reputable companies will work together at the Brainport Industries Campus to bring ideas to manufacturing readiness and develop business cases. The campus is a state-of-the-art working and learning environment for the next generation in high-tech manufacturing. The Brainport Industries Campus is home to broad alliances between suppliers, specialised companies and innovative educational and knowledge institutions.

Cradle of open innovation

The Brainport Industries Campus will be the first location where high-tech suppliers innovate and produce together. The most successful companies will share state-of-the-art resources here, such as cleanrooms, flexible manufacturing areas, warehouses and advanced facilities. The campus acts a showcase where they can jointly present their capabilities to national and international customers.

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A place where opportunities are seized

The Brainport Industries Campus offers high-tech manufacturing opportunities for strengthening its global position by applying new, smart business models and far-reaching manufacturing process optimisation. As a result, businesses can react intelligently and accurately to changes in the market. Furthermore, optimisation of the total manufacturing process eliminates waste in the value chain.


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