Every aspect of Brainport Industries Campus is weighed up to realise it as sustainably as possible. Sustainability here means more than just limiting the burden on the environment. The aim is to even develop innovations in sustainability as new business cases.

Completely in line with the Municipality of Eindhoven’s vision, Brainport Industries Campus has the ambition to become an energy-neutral campus. Central to this theme is that the required energy is generated by the campus itself. 

Energy-neutral campus

The buildings on the Brainport Industries Campus will have an extremely high insulation value, which will reduce heating to a minimum. A large proportion of the roof surface will be covered with solar panels that will provide the entire campus with energy. Charging points will provide parked cars with electricity generated on the Campus. One of the possibilities in the future is that the city will be supplied with electricity from the Brainport Industries Campus.

Closed loop recycling & separated water flows

The joint waste management will strive to become a closed loop for recycling in which a lot of the waste can be recycled. The campus will employ separated water flows in which precipitation, waste water and sewers will be collected separately to improve the efficiency of purification.


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